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Professor Jarek Stelmark is an Associate Professor at Hostos Community College of the City University of New York.
His responsibilities include but are not limited to teaching the courses listed below:

Radiologic Science I

Radiologic Science II

Radiography I

Clinical Radiography I, II, III, and IV

Prof. Jarek  Stelmark

I salute to all the medical staff and other emergency personnel who are battling the coronavirus relentlessly and selflessly. You are the heroes. I am forever grateful for your sacrifices.  


 Radiologic Science 1
 Radiologic Science 2
 Radiographic Anatomy 2
Summer Seminar
Applied Quality Assurance
Contrast Media
Advanced Procedures II


X-rays are created in machines by passing an current between two electrodes in a vacuum tube. As the electrons hit the positive electrode and are decelerated, X-rays are generated. X-rays are commonly used to visualize broken bones in hospitals but are also used in CAT scans, bone densitometry scans,  and fluoroscopy procedures.

Radiographers/radiologic technologists use ionizing energy in the form of x-rays utilizing sophisticated equipment to generate images (radiographs) of an injury or disease process. 

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